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Outlook.com: an all-new Metro style Hotmail with Skype video calling

If you thought Microsoft was done with its summer announcements then think again. The software giant is unveiling a brand new preview version of Hotmail today — Outlook.com. Although the old version of Hotmail will remain active, Outlook.com brings together all of its best features and more, accessible via the web, Exchange ActiveSync compatible clients, and POP3. Existing Hotmail users can upgrade to the preview version today — with options to rename an existing @hotmail.com address to @outlook.com or to add an additional alias to an account — and new Outlook.com users can pick an @outlook.com email address. Like Office 2013, Microsoft is describing its new email service as a "modern" one. Built with the same Metro design as Windows 8, Outlook.com brings together cloud connected accounts, data, and a familiar email service with a new look. Microsoft is also enabling threaded messaging by default and introducing Skype video web calling. "We think that email can do a lo…

Free Hotmail: This is how email registration and login works

Hotmail is the popular free email service from Microsoft, which has been renamed Outlook and today offers many additional online tools and features.

The free e-mail service Hotmail was developed with the spread of the Internet in the late 1990s by the US software company Microsoft and 2013 renamed to Outlook. Outlook itself was introduced a year earlier.

Hotmail Email is a so-called web-mail client, which can be accessed via Internet via the input of user name and password and can check and edit its e-mails.

Function and functionality
When calling the web address www.hotmail.de in the browser you will automatically be redirected to the Microsoft site https://outlook.live.com/owa/ . There you will find a registration button and the login area.

Those who have been loyal to the old service so far will be able to switch to Outlook.com in just a few clicks. Nothing is lost, no e-mail and no uploaded content.

However, once you have changed from a Hotmail address to an Outlook addr…

Hotmail sign in

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Log in to Hotmail , a web-based email service that helps you send and receive emails to your friends and colleagues. With the safe and professional speed of sending mail, Hotmail is no less than when you use a Gmail account. Hotmail is a service to send and receive emails that is not foreign to users. However, nowadays, most users usually register in Gmail to send by email and register many services on the Internet. Registering with Hotmail is easy, as is signing in to Outlook Mail because Hotmail and Outlook Mail are Microsoft's two email addresses. So, when registering Hotmail and Outlook are the same. HOW TO START A SESSION IN HOTMAIL, ACCESS A HOTMAIL ACCOUNT1st step : You access here . Step 2 : Enter the name of your Hotmail account and password -> select Sign in . If you do not have an account, choose Create a Hotmail account (see how to register Hotmail to create an account for yourself) 3rd step : Here is the Hotmail login interface with success. Hotmail or Outlook Mail are em…


Those with a decent memory will recollect Hotmail, one of the primary email benefits on the web, alongside Four11's RocketMail, which was later called Yahoo! Mail, and furthermore one of the principal free. What's more, in spite of the fact that to counsel the electronic mail from any gadget, in wherever on the planet today appears something normal, it has not generally been like this. Before Hotmail showed up, the best way to get to the mail was to download it to the PC, so the entry of this administration denoted a when in the story.

Since its dispatch, until the securing of Microsoft, its advancement to Windows Live and Outlook.com, Hotmail has encountered a quickened development and a progression of changes, managing the opposition to keep up its situation in the market. On the event of the 21 years that this administration achieves, we will audit the most imperative dates since the presence of Hotmail.

An adventure through the historical backdrop of Hotmail 

Hotmail was e…

Gmail: this is the viral message that can hacker your hotmail mail

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Since a couple of days back, a risky message is flowing and influencing a large number of Gmail clients , Google email , who have been hurt and their records hacked. How could that be?

As point by point by BuzzFeed News, Gmail clients who get this hotmail email should promptly expel it from their inbox, as it is a refined phishing assault that plans to access your record.

How to recognize it?

In spite of the fact that it appears like a typical message, this email is anything but difficult to distinguish. The primary thing you ought to do is take a gander at the issue. In the event that it says: "(A contact) has shared a Google Docs report with you" at that point it has arrived.

In the event that you enter the message, you will see that the individual who sent you the email isn't a Gmail contact of yours , however it is an abnormal email (hhhhhhhhhhhh@hotmail.com).

On the off chance that for reasons unknown you were swindled and tapped on the connection, it will take you …

Hotmail adds 5 new functions, approaching Android

15 obscure things about Hotmail

Email address say in regards to you?

Hotmail: an essential record made 5 virtual records

Numerous new highlights make Hotmail more appealing

As per Microsoft, five new Hotmail highlights include:

Shrewd Newsletter Filtering: This component will help clients to check and erase periodicals or bulletins rapidly or to withdraw from the pamphlet totally.

Withdraw Subscribe to pamphlet

Arrangement and propelled index organization: Users can sort messages in the inbox, not putting records in independent envelopes.

Planned cleanup: Automatically erases documents for drawn out stretches of time, gets obsolete messages and reports. Clients can likewise hold just the most recent data from the sender.

Banners done right: Mark through Flags to keep the client's message need at the highest point of the inbox. Clients will never again need to stamp the "new" status to keep them in need.

Quick activity: The catch will show up when the client float the mou…

Hotmail has changed Microsoft and email forever

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Perhaps not even Microsoft expects Hotmail's acquisition of the company in December 1997 to mark the turning point of today's email. Twenty years ago, on December 29, 1997, Bill Gates brought Microsoft a $ 450 million Christmas gift late, a Sunnyvale-based email startup called Hotmail. By acquiring the company that owns Hotmail with the largest amount of money then, Microsoft has officially entered the world of email on the Web. Originally introduced in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia as "HoTMaiL" (modified from HTML, the language of the World Wide Web), Hotmail was originally incorporated into Microsoft's MSN online service. Much money has been poured out, mistakes have arisen, the brand is changed, spam becomes legendary, as well as many terrible email signatures have come from here.
But in the years that followed, Hotmail set the tone for all Web-based e-mail services, beginning the era of free email service for users. During the development process, Hotmail…

Hotmail users: Missed mail and empty mailboxes

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At the turn of the year, Microsoft's Hotmail email service is struggling apparently with a more than annoying problem for some users: As reported among others bild.de, Berliner Kurier, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and various English-language media, there are numerous complaints about missing mail. So some users complain that even their entire email traffic including folders - and here also the sent-mail and the trash folder - have been lost on New Year's Eve. The log-in to the accounts work without any problems - they just just empty it. Some users report that they received a welcome message for new customers at log-in, just as if it were a new account, even though it had been in use for years. For other users, however, "only" certain folders are missing,

Furthermore, the media reports state that the extent of the problem is still unclear. Employees of Microsoft have at least confirmed the basic problem, but it should act according to an initial assessment of …


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Outlook Connector will allow you to access your Windows Live Hotmail or Office Live Mail email accounts and manage them , from emails to contacts, always for FREE ! If you have the paid subscription you can also get access to the calendar, tasks and notes. Characteristics:
Read and send emails from Office Live Mail or Windows Live Hotmail.Manage Live Mail contacts.Use advanced options to block unwanted email messages.Manage multiple email accounts from a single location.With a paid subscription: Manage, share and synchronize the Windows Live calendar in Outlook.Get access to notes and tasksRequirements: Have your Hotmail account updated to Hotmail Live (free) [ link ]Have Microsoft Outlook version 2003 or 2007 installed

Microsoft: Outlook and Hotmail Messengers Affected by Major Breakdown in Europe

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A few European nations, including France, have been hit by a noteworthy email disappointment . For sure, numerous clients of Outlook and Hotmail couldn't utilize the Microsoft benefit , Monday, September 18, as per data transferred by RTL .

France among the most influenced nations

The issues contrasted among clients. At the point when some couldn't send any message when they could get it, others just couldn't get to Microsoft's email benefit.

As per the particular site DownDetector , the issue has fundamentally influenced the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Belgium. Be that as it may, other rarer cases have additionally been seen in Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Greece and Bulgaria.

400 million dynamic clients

On his Twitter account, Outlook immediately perceived the disappointment while demonstrating that everything was done to adjust this circumstance as fast as could be allowed.

"We keep on conducting the examination to decide the wellspr…

Hotmail Login | Email @ Hotmail.com

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Hotmail.com has been the email par excellence for years. Although over the years has been transformed and has taken a giant leap, in all respects, there are still people who are not clear how to start session in hotmail, much less how to create an account in the new outlook; for this reason, today we will explain in detail how to carry out this process The emailWithout a doubt, the growth that electronic mail has had in our days is much greater than a few years ago. Although email has more than 20 years on the Internet, it is still a very useful tool for all kinds of purposes. By this means, you can share files from a wide variety of formats quickly and easily, to the people you want, whenever you want. In addition, text can be included in each email. These are some of the many functions that the email service can offer. However, this time, we will focus our attention on an email service website that was the best of its time for many years in a row. We are talking about Hotmail. Although …